Another semester begins at U Laval, and we have the pleasure to welcome new students to the lab!

Kimberly joins the team as a research assistant. She has a degree in linguistics, and now she’s a student in the multidisciplinary BA at Laval. In the lab, she’ll be part of the NeuroSPiN team. Welcome, Kimberly!

Jessica is back as an intern at the lab. She is a student in the biomedical science program, and she did her first internship here in the summer of 2023. Now, she’ll be working on the NeuroSpin and ElectroStim projects (our EEG-TMS project). In the NeuroSPiN project, Jessica will be involved in all things MRI. In the ElectroStim project, she will be recruiting participants and collecting EEG, TMS and MRI data. Welcome back, Jessica!

To get to know Kimberly and Jessica, we asked them a few questions.