We just received a CIHR grant to start a new research project 🤩

The laboratory was awarded a particularly competitive grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) to conduct a project focusing on using brain imaging and non-invasive brain stimulation to understand the etiology of speech perception in noise in older adults! The most devastating and common communication problem in older people is the decline in the ability to understand speech in noise. As most conversations take place in the presence of noise, for example in a restaurant, this deficit can have devastating functional and psychosocial consequences, being associated with disengagement from social activities and isolation. Decline in the ability to understand speech in noise affects healthy individuals as well as those with hearing loss and cognitive decline, monopolizing already limited cognitive resources and impacting daily functioning.

This interdisciplinary research project, led by the lab director, Pascale Tremblay, will be carried out in collaboration with several members of the lab, as well as other researchers from Université Laval, namely professors Carol Hudon, Joël Macoir, Andréanne Sharp, Simon Duchesne and Robert Jr Laforce.

The project will last five years and will be divided into two studies, the development and planning of which will begin in the fall. We are already looking for students to work with us on this project as part of a master’s or doctoral degree. Interested? Contact us!