As this summer season begins, a wind of change is in the air for Natália as she prepares to seize new professional opportunities. We want to highlight her excellent work as the laboratory coordinator. Working closely with Pascale, the laboratory director, she managed logistics, purchasing, contracts, and ensured the smooth running of daily activities. She also helped organized the lab blog and wrote some excellent postsWe thank her for her dedication and efficiency!

For the next step in her journey, Natália has decided to dedicate herself to the Portuguese program at École des langues de l’Université Laval, a decision that aligns with her doctoral training in linguistics and her native language.

As a consequence of this change, we are happy to welcome Mélissa on her new role as laboratory coordinator. Mélissa has already been working in the lab for over a year on the NeuroSpin project, where she conducts neuropsychological assessments and ensures logistical coordination. Her diligence, sense of responsibility, and professionalism will make her an outstanding coordinator! The entire team is delighted to welcome her to this new role.

On behalf of everyone: best of luck, Natália!