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Survey on verbal fluency

Écrit par Marilyne Joyal and Pascale Tremblay

Have you ever scored verbal fluency tasks? We are launching today a new study, which is part of the master's project of Gabriel Frazer-McKee, a student of the lab!

Facebook Sondage fluence verbale ENG

We recently received the approval from the Ethics Committee to start the study!

Our goal is to study the practices of people who transcribe or have transcribed verbal fluency data in the past, whether in a clinical setting (e.g. speech-language pathology or neuropsychology assessments) or for research.

As part of the study, two recordings of verbal fluency tasks are presented, and respondents are asked to score the number of correct answers, intrusions and perseveration errors. The study also includes questions aimed at characterizing the respondents, as well as their experiences in transcribing fluency data.

The study takes about 25 minutes to complete. The language of the questionnaire (English or French) can be selected at the start of the study.

A draw for two prepaid Visa gift cards valued at $50 each will be held among all respondents who complete the questionnaire!

To complete the survey, click here!


*Please note that this survey is now closed.

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