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To participate in one of our ongoing research project, please fill in the form below,
email us  
or call us 418 663-5000 poste 4231.

What we will do first is to tell you about our different projects and, if you are interested in participating, we will determine whether you are eligible to participate in these studies by asking you a few questions (each study has specific inclusion and exclusion criteria). We will ask these questions over the phone.

If you are eligible, we will make an appointment with you.

In most projects, the first appointment takes place at the lab here:

CERVO Brain Research Center
2601, chemin de la Canardière
Québec [Beauport], Québec, G1J 2G3

Sometimes, more than one visit is necessary. MRI and TMS studies typically require two visits, one at the MRI clinic (located minutes away from the IUSMQ) and one at the IUSMQ. During the visit, the first thing we do is to fill out with you a few questionnaires to know more about you. Sometimes your hearing is evaluated using audiometric measurements (pure tone audiometry, speech audiometry, etc.). We then ask you to perform various speech perception or production tasks such as producing sequences of syllables and we will measure various parameters such as your voice (acoustical recordings), your muscle activity, muscle force, or respiration.

For more information, download our brochure here [available in French only at this time], or contact us by filling the form below.

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