When?   June 9 2017
Where?  Domaine Cataraqui à Québec


Each year, we organize an annual research day. This year, for our 6th annual research day, we have organised a unique event, which will take place on June 9th at the magnificent Domaine Cataraqui in Quebec City.

This year, the research day is organised around the theme of women in science. The Day will be launched by Mrs. Marie-Audette, University Laval Deputy Vice Rector, Research and Innovation. A conference about women in neurosciences, and more generally, women in sciences in Quebec, will be offered by Mrs. Maryse Lassonde, director of the “Fonds de la recherche nature et technologie (FRQNT)”, President of the Royal Society of Canada, and a pioneer in neuropsychological research. Mrs. Kate Watkins, professor in psychology and cognitive neuroscience at Oxford University in England, will present her outstanding work on brain imaging and brain stimulation of the stuttering brain.
Several students and professors will also present their most recent work in the field of brain imaging and brain stimulation. The research day also includes a poster session during which our members will interact with each other to discuss their most recent findings and brainstorm new ideas. The poster session is also a contest, and the best posters will receive prizes. At the end of the day, everyone is invited to participate in a cocktail to relax, exchange ideas, and meet potential collaborators in the charming scenery of the Domaine Cataraqui.


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