Thursday, 05 May 2022 18:21

New intern at the lab: Juan Camilo

This summer we are hosting a Mitacs research intern in the lab: Juan Camilo! Juan is a medical student in Medellin, Colombia and he is joining us for the next three months as part of MITACS’s Globalink internship program.

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Tuesday, 01 February 2022 21:50

Winter 2022 projects

The winter of 2022 is shaping up to be quite busy at the lab, and we’ve decided to give you an overview of what we’ll be working on!

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Wednesday, 26 January 2022 15:40

Arrival of Camille

A new international graduate research intern, Camille, is joining our lab for the winter 2022 semester!

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Thursday, 16 December 2021 21:49

2021 in review

As we approach the end of 2021, it is time to take stock of our realizations!

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Friday, 10 September 2021 16:59

New interns in the lab: Béatrice & Alexandre

This fall, we are not welcoming one, but two new research interns to our team!

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Tuesday, 31 August 2021 15:39

Arrival of Marjorie

The beginning of the school year always comes with new students at the lab! 

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Monday, 17 May 2021 16:28


The results of a scientific study indicate this, those of another study rather suggest that, a third study supports the opposite... scientific literature can sometimes seem contradictory. What’s more, not all studies are of the same quality! How do you navigate all of this?!

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About Us

Le laboratoire des neurosciences de la parole et de l’audition, dirigé par Pascale Tremblay, Ph.D., se spécialise dans la recherche en neurosciences cognitives du langage. Nos travaux, fondamentalement multidisciplinaires, portent principalement sur les bases neurobiologiques de la perception et la production du langage et de la voix, et sur les facteurs qui affectent notre habileté à communiquer en contexte social (âge, cognition, audition, etc.).