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New intern at the lab: Juan Camilo

Written by Marilyne Joyal and Pascale Tremblay

This summer we are hosting a Mitacs research intern in the lab: Juan Camilo! Juan is a medical student in Medellin, Colombia and he is joining us for the next three months as part of MITACS’s Globalink internship program.

 He will contribute to different projects, thanks to his prior research experience, especially his experience with electroencephalography, which we invite you to discover below.

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Q - Juan, what do you like about research?

I find research as a way of living because it's a really fulfilling and exciting experience. At the beginning of every day at the lab, I always find myself glad to have the opportunity to learn something new in order to accomplish a new task or write down a project. There's always something new to learn, like a tool, fact or technique awaiting to be discovered in a different book or paper. Also meeting new people that are interested in this area makes me feel like science in general and, of course, cognitive neuroscience is a worldwide language shared by many others with different perspectives and approaches to a problem, and those ideas are worth sharing, therefore I decided to work as a medical researcher because I think that helping others is an objective that goes beyond the clinical practice.

Q - Why are you interested in our lab?

Previously I have done some projects on neurophysiology, but I want to gain some hands-on experience with TMS and its potential applications in neurological diseases such as dementia or cerebrovascular diseases in order to share this knowledge with my team back in Colombia.  Also, I have already been part of interdisciplinary teams in other contexts, and I think that the different perspectives available at the speech and hearing neuroscience laboratory are enriching for my training as a medical researcher because I want to learn from all the different perspectives on the lab and their wide experience in topics of interest such as speech-language pathology and biomedical engineering.


Juan, we welcome you to the lab and to Canada!


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