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2021 in review

Written by Marilyne Joyal and Pascale Tremblay

As we approach the end of 2021, it is time to take stock of our realizations!

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 Here is a brief summary of the activities carried out by the lab members this year:

  • 7 scientific articles published/accepted in international scientific journals;
  • 4 scientific articles submitted or under review in international scientific journals;
    • 3 projects with ongoing data collection
    • 8 projects at the stage of data analysis
    • 3 projects in development
  • 862 telephone interviews and e-mail exchanges carried out to recruit volunteers for our research projects;
  • 52 volunteers recruited who took part in a total of 103 experimental sessions (despite almost six months in red or orange zones!);
  • 2 grants obtained by Pascale (NSERC Research Tools and Instruments Program; MITACS);
  • 4 grant applications submitted by Pascale, including three under evaluation (CIHR, SSHRC, NSERC);
  • Development of our new EEG platform (more on this soon!);
  • 5 scholarships and prizes obtained by student members (FRQS, CRLBM, RBIQ and Université Laval);
  • 4 scholarship applications by student members under evaluation;
  • 2 invited talks offered by Pascale;
  • 6 virtual scientific presentations by student members;
  • 55 publications on our Facebook page and blog, including 17 in two languages (French and English), presented in different formats, including slideshow and video (e.g. a McGurk video developed by Marilyne);
  • Production of a promotional video of the lab (to be launched early in 2022!);
  • 133 new subscribers to our Facebook page;
  • Creation of an RSS feed to follow our blog posts;
  • 2 new graduate students: Xiyue and Marjorie;
  • Launch of new doctoral and master research programs in rehabilitation science at Université Laval, under the direction of Pascale.


It has undoubtedly been a busy year, marked by the team's constant efforts to continue our research activities despite the pandemic, which made recruiting volunteers and collecting data more complex.

Congratulations to the whole team! For the next year, let's hope that the pandemic subsides for the health and well-being of all!


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