Ongoing Projects

Research in the lab uses modern cognitive neuroscience and neuroimaging methods such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), as well as advanced data analyses tools and software, and physiological and behavioural approaches.

The ability to communicate  is a defining feature of humankind, but the question of how the human brain accomplishes language remains a difficult problem. Speaking is indeed a complex process involving multiple steps, from the intention to communicate to the transformation of these thoughts into strings of temporally ordered syllables forming meaningful words, to the articulation of these words, and finally, to the processing of the resulting auditory feedback. This series of operations requires a tight coordination between cognitive, linguistic, motor and auditory systems, and yet it takes place in only a few hundreds of milliseconds. Our research explores aspects of how the human brain accomplishes this process in adulthood and throughout normal and pathological aging.

Specifically, research in the Lab is organized towards two main themes:

COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCES OF SPEECH FUNCTIONS: our aim is to uncover the neural underpinning of speech/voice perception and production mechanisms using a variety of approaches.

COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCES OF AGING: our aim is to understand the manner and extent to which the neural systems that support cognitive and speech functions evolve over the lifespan. 

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Want to know more about our projects and findings?

Our team is visiting interested communities and groups (including retirement centers) in Québec City to give presentations covering topics such as the physiological and neural bases of speech and language (How do I speak?), speech disorders (What are they; can we cure them?), and biological aging (How does the brain evolve over the lifespan?).

To enquire about the possibility of scheduling a talk for your community or group, contact us by email  or by phone 418 663-5000, ext 4231.

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